Thursday, April 7, 2011

Raincliff, Raincliff, Raincliff!!!

Hi there

I was sooo excited when Friday finally came around, a day off work to get organised for Raincliff and Monday off to catch up on sleep, made it even better, I had been looking forward to it for sooo long.  My scrap-pal Nic picked me up at 2.30pm and we were off, we thought if we got there early we could help Tania setup but she was waaaay ahead of us :) so it didn't take long to help Tania put the finishing touches on, a good browse over all the fab shop goodies with a few following me back to my table and then we were into it.  I completed my first layout (yes, I actually did some scrapebooking for a change) on Friday night, which is a straight up copy of a very talented lady (not sure who sorry, I think I may have found it on the Prima site).

I decided to start an album for my sister's Christmas present, getting in early for this Christmas, she still hasn't got last Christmas's present yet, luckily I asked her for an extension of time eh.

Sooo here it is.....
Sorry, the lighting wasn't very good when I took the photos, but hopefully you can get the gist of it.  The outside blueish piece is Dusty Attic glimmer misted, flowers and vine are Prima, with a little Kaiser bling thrown in, three different Martha Stewart punches used on the strips of paper behind the photo, the base paper has a gorgeous flocked design on it, the texture doesn't show up so well in the photo.  This was a nice simple layout or so I thought - it took me to 3am to finish it! Who would have thought!!!

A few close ups.....

My sister has an album with lots of old photos in it but unfortunately they are getting damaged as the album is one of those ones you lift a plastic sheet and place the photos onto a sticky sort of card page then place the plastic sheet back down (very popular 30 odd years ago).  So I thought I would pick some of the photos I really liked, scrape a few pages up and let her finish it off as there are way too many photos for me to scrap, I would never get it finished :)

So with layout number one finished, I tidied up my table and at 3am quietly snuck into my bunk room trying not to wake Nic and Bec's up, I think I suceeded :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, Saturday's work to follow in next post.



  1. Who would have thought! LOL but go you - you did a heap of work this camp - setting the standard for next time!

  2. It is a gorgeous layout Jo. You are rocking with the blogging. Looking forward to more soon.