Sunday, January 8, 2012

Xmas Treats

Hi there

In my previous post I mentioned that in my first attempt at making a xmas cake I managed to burn it.  But never fear, thanks to my good friend Rach who sent me a link to Nigella's xmas pudding bon bons, I was able to use my slightly overcooked xmas cake and make some very yummy xmas treats!!!

They are soooo cute even if I do say so myself :)

So basically, you crumble up the cake add some apple juice, melted chocalate & golden syrup, roll into little balls.  I then coated them in melted chocalate before drizzling white chocalate on top.  Then using a holly leaf cutter and green fondant we cut the holly leaves and added a wee red ball for the berry.  (They are supposed to look like miniature xmas puddings, the white icing represents the custard that would normally go over a xmas pudding).

Cute don't you think??? Some close ups.......

And they were sooooo yummy, these didn't last long either!!!!

Well it is getting rather late, so bye for now, hopefully back to scrapebooking and cards tomorrow :)


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  1. They look sooooo... good and I am sure they were yummy. Great way to recycle the cake.