Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cute Cupcakes

Hi there

Hope you haven't given up on me, I see it has been 3 months since I last made a post, very naughty of me and I do have lots to share, so will try to be more pro-active in blogging.

This weekend as South Canterbury's anniversary weekend, so no work tomorrow yippee!!! :)

Yesterday at about midday Rach phoned to say she was all ready to do the cupcake course we purchased from the UK, which was all good except I hadn't made my cupcakes at that stage YIKES!!!!

So after a mad panic rush to get my 2dzn cupcakes made, an hour and half later I was at Rach's all ready to go, here are how they turned out.....

Not bad don't you think????  Well I think they are really cool as I haven't played with fondant icing before, not sure how they will taste, but as long as they look good eh.

Some close ups....

The flowers were all handmade and a few improvisions had to be made as we didn't quite have all the right tools. But scrapbooking does come in handy, if you look closely at the middle cupcake in bottom row above you can see it is embossed, Rachels cuttlebug folders worked a treat!!!

So that was how we spent yestderday afternoon!!! I soon got sick of the taste of icing, I guess you shouldn't lick your fingers clean, but I was getting tired of getting up to the sink all the time!!!

Well hopefully I will get some more pic's of my other creations on here for you soon.

Take care everyone!!!

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  1. WOW - co cool and cute. Know where to come if I need specialty cupcakes. They are gorgeous. Love the colours too.